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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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old story that has been locked out for super bowl week. let me take you through the story. sports illustrated wrote it this morning, claiming the owner of a company called swats taped a phone call with lewis and an extract on the nfl banned list. sources tell me he has used products from that company for the past several years but only products that are not on the nfl banned list. >> that is a 2-year-old story that you want me to refresh. i would not give him the credit to mention his name or his antics in my speeches. i can't do it. i have been in this business 17
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years and nobody has ever gotten up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i have ever taken, there has never been a question if i have ever even thought about using anything. to entertain a story like that, tell him to get his story somewhere else. >> he directly answered questions saying he has bought or ever used a banned substance. he pointed out he is also subject to random drug testing like any other player and has not tested positive. the quarterback for the ravens and the cross hairs after comments he made yesterday on the arrival of the team. asked about next year being played in new york, he said that idea was retarded. he immediately said he should not use that word and said it was a stupid idea.
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he apologized for that, saying it was a bad choice of words and you wish she hasn't said it. he has a great relationship with special olympics in baltimore and he did not mean to offend anybody. once we got past those major hurdles, it was super bowl media day as usual. joining me for your first media day. it grows bigger and bigger. >> is a circus. the 5000 journalists from all over the world converged today because he knew languages being spoken and the journalists next to us to speak in french. there you go. the fans really get into it. for $25, fans can hang out in the stands and get a sense of the feeding frenzy. jennifer talked with them. >> is not just for members of
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the media, it is also for the fans. >> welcome to the media day. >> wasting no time filing into the superdome, stopping to buy superbowl stuff before going inside where the stage is set for sunday's matchup. hundreds for baltimore that made a trip of a lifetime for many, this is as close they will get to the players. >> i am a baltimore ravens fan. i live in louisiana and this is a dream come true for me. i want everyone in baltimore to know this is going to be reagan's own game. >> there are so many people here, different reporters from all over the world. >> it is unbelievable, we are so excited to be here.
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we have always wanted to come to new orleans, what a way to do it. >> let me tell you, they will be hearing from raven's fans on sunday. >> what do you want to hear this sunday? >> when they are singing the national anthem, i love that every time. >> [inaudible] >> we will be looking for the wall of purple like we do at home. i am sure fans will be providing us with noise. we carry them in the superdome. >> if media day is any indication, raven's fans will be here hall on sunday and the purple nation is well
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represented. >> i think the fans and the players really enjoy that. >> the only chance you will ever get that close to the field for only $25. the last bargain of the week. >> he has been complaining that his hands were rough and calf from the weather. how are they? >> very soft. >> we were worried about it. >> only you would ask that question. >> it is not just the fans getting caught up in the super bowl frenzy, natalie has been teaming up with a 11 news today.
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and yes, it does include this world dance. join us for 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. and we will show off team pride live. >> the executive in and around the county found guilty at the misconduct trial. barry sends has the latest leak -- details. >> we're waiting to get a statement from the county, lots of media from baltimore and annapolis. the judge called the actions of the executive egregious. he was found guilty of two charges of misconduct for using
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his executive production detail for his political campaign and also for misusing county workers. he had her emptier and from his catheter back from his surgery. and he was accused of using money to pay his personal detail to get rid of evidence of a personal relationship with a female county employee. >> the accounts, the indictments, you are shaking a conviction on all counts. two major counts of the indictment, a difficult case in several legal issues. as a result, getting a conviction on those particular
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charges is satisfying at the very least. >> we're still trying to get a statement from the executive john leopold convicted of two counts of misconduct in office and the media is here waiting to try to talk to him. the judge said that he and the attorneys will get together by conference call on thursday afternoon to try to determine exactly when a sentencing date will occur. >> now to breaking news, capt. roy taylor over the scene of a private aircraft crash near an airport in carroll county.
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>> the model is a commander, based here at clear view airport. it has taken off and we are only half a mile south of clear the airport right on oak tree road. from what we understand, we don't know if the pilot had mechanical problems or if it was a set of power lines, it ended up striking the power lines and the vehicle crashed into a field. the pilot had very minor injuries.
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reporting live, sky team 11. >> a motion to transfer his case from adult court to juvenile court, charged with 29 counts including nine counts of attempted murder. it stems from back in august. if convicted, they could face a life sentence. >> ends with the suspect vehicle crashing and the car was full of stolen guns. it began with a gun store burglary in the state of pennsylvania. they received a tip that two men made off with weapons and planned to sell those weapon south east of baltimore.
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officers got a description of the car, and collided in the western hills neighborhood. they found 29 firearms inside the vehicle, one of them was loaded. seven baltimore county students are recovering from injuries tonight after a car collided with their school bus. the bus heading to the middle school had 30 kids on board at the time of the crash, police investigating the cause. we are told none of the injuries were life-threatening. >> more questions than answers following a monday night shooting in west baltimore. >> what may have led to the second officer-involved shooting in less than a week. >> a wounded warrior from s.i.. >> a wounded warrior from s.i..
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>> investigating a monday night shooting, you saw at first on 11 news that started with officers getting into a car and driving towards them.
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one of the officers opened fire, police caught up with that suspect less tn a mile away. he has not -- that marks the second police involved shooting in the past week. >> a new york man has a whole milk outlook after undergoing life changing surgery. the double on transplant took place at johns hopkins and lisa says that she felt privileged to meet this man as he shared his story today. >> he was a courageous of the young man that loves life. while serving his country in 2009 in iraq, he lost all four limbs and a roadside bomb attack. last month, a team of doctors performed a 13-hour operation.
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he received two honors from one donor and two weeks later, they just feel like they are his arms. >> i can rotate a little bit. this arm is pretty much not much movement at all, not yet, at least. we're hopeful for the future to get some pretty good function out of it. >> a connect the tendons, bones, blood vessels, nerves, and skin. the most complicated lamb transplant in the u.s.. doctors developed a treatment to cut down on the amount of drugs he has to take. many times, and i rejection drugs can cause infection and organ damage. >> he will only take one entire rejection medication instead of the usual trickle-drug cocktail. >> it will be his full-time job
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to undergo therapy every day for six hours. nerves regenerate at the rate of one engine months so it will be months and years before function returns. he says he is ready to take it on and has this message for other entities. >> level is getting better and you are still alive. there are a lot of people that will say you can't do something but be stubborn and do it anyway. work your ass off to do it. >> that is amazing. he says he can't wait to get back to driving in he wants to swim and tan cycle america. unheard >> watching those reports from the crew down in your lens, observing the warm and sunny weather they have had. 77 degrees, when coming out of the south. there are showers there and
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behind the raven's logo, especially northern and western louisiana. it is worn down there but we have warm going on here, too. 66 degrees at the airport, not quite 77 in new orleans but not bad for january. 24 degrees above the normal high. the record low, one of the coldest ever in baltimore has happened a few times, one of those we hit seven below zero on the 29 of january, 1963. nothing like that around the mid atlantic right now, it will be here before the week is over, but for now, feeling like spring again. up to the pennsylvania border, temperature and the 50's. it made it past baltimore for sure, we will stay on the warm side of the front.
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cloudy skies and watch out for patchy and dense fog warning. it is the leading edge of much colder air. this comes through early thursday morning. if behind as a return to january temperatures. one more day of being in this mild weather pattern. tomorrow is mainly a cloudy day, the best chance for rain in the afternoon and evening. it will be this line of storms coming through late tomorrow evening. the front is strong enough that i might kick up a few. it could be gusting over 30 miles an hour and eventually a stormy day tomorrow. it starts rushing back into the
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western maryland mountains on thursday morning and it arrives here. the high in the morning in a lull in the evening. a round of light snow here, that is not much of a change. we will go from 60's may be some snow. afternoon and evening, that morning is on the day tomorrow. it is a four-foot wave going. the strong southerly winds, they may be running a couple feet above normal the next couple of days. changes are coming. snow showers start to accumulate with highs in the 20's. with the passage of that front, a chance for an afternoon or evening thunderstorm, temperatures falling on
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thursday. almost 70 tomorrow. 58 thursday morning and the following storms in the evening and temperatures falling to 30 in the evening. the chance for snow showers over the weekend as well. >> more details emerging from the murder trial of michael johnson. >> jane reports from circuit court downtown as prosecutors presented their case from the man they say killed felicia barnes. >> before the ravens win the super bowl, you have a chance to super bowl, you have a chance to win [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
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that's once you've got fios, you get it. and according to pc mag... [ male announcer #2 ] if it's available, you should get it. >> high-power negotiations under way at annapolis. >> trying to sell a renovation plan for city schools. david collins joins us with a
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session 2013 out date. >> despite a number of high- level meetings, binders full of details available, lawmakers find the plan troubling. the governor has been briefed but has not taken a position. >> ha city schools are in rough shape and the cost is estimated to be $2.4 billion. >> but how do we pay for it? >> of what the state to provide $30 million a year for the next 20. the block grant will allow the city to float $2.4 billion in bonds to upgrade the system. the money would be used to rebuild and replace school buildings over the next 10 years. officials argue they are not asking for more money, just predictable funding. >> it is a very vague asked. -- big ask.
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$30 million a year is unbelievable because we are binding another generation of governors and legislators. who knows what kind of depression or recession or fiscal downturn the state might take. >> another component of the plan calls for creation of an independent school construction authority that would oversee the program. officials contend there are not enough resources. and concern that the other districts might be left shortchanged. >> we have been very willing to say if we don't have the right answers, then help us think of the right answers. >> the administration is telling legislators that the city is willing to double the funding usually provides, giving the city a bigger stake. michael bush said he is keeping an open mind.
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>> the city will pay back the debt, demanding improved access to mental health services. how they want insurers to find mental health care equally with medical treatment. and the crisis response team to increase mental health care and public schools. >> making headlines from coast to coast. >> of the boy scouts of america ending the ban on gay scouts. in maryland troop is threatened that it could lose its charter. >> alive at the circuit court down town, michael johnson's own words when police asked them
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>> shedding light on why police say michael johnson as the man behind the killing. cellphone data that led investigators to a state park.
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>> jane miller has been monitoring that for the last several days and she joins us live downtown with more on today's testimony. nosher jurors just heard the taped statement given voluntarily to city police three days after she went missing back in december of 2010. in that statement, he told police he last saw her alive and well sleeping on a sofa. he said he had no clue what happened to her. the detective in -- describe him as, and seeming to give honest answers. and the city homicide detective revealed the reason police spent some much time in their search at the state park. seen here during a search in january of 2011.
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it was where he was on the day that she disappeared. she was staying at her sister's northwest baltimore apartment and johnson is the sisters ex- boyfriend. despite the link between johnson and the extensive searches, no trace was found here. similarly, a cadaver dog found the body in an abandoned well here the home of the older brother. but no trace was found either. they also suggested the older brother had been looking for information on cellphone tracking after she disappeared. the body was recovered in april of 2011. prosecutors have yet to provide any evidence of how she got there. defense lawyers are focusing on what prosecutors don't have. no answer that what led to her cause of death and perhaps most significantly, and no clear
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motive. >> there were shown photographs of the body of barnes the day it was discovered, a tangled up in all of that debris that collects right before the the dam. it was graphic, grizzly, several had to turn away. >> late breaking details from the misconduct trial of john leopold, within the last 90 minutes, the judge handed down a split verdict, he was found guilty of two of the four remaining counts, ms. using executive protection offices for political activity and making his employees and d his urine catheter bag, an example of overbearing arrogance. but he acquitted him of spending thousands of dollars of overtime pay to use security detail for his benefit in using some of
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that money to conceal a personal relationship. barry is awaiting more details including a possible comment. >> also following a new controversy surrounding rayless as he heads to the final game of his career. it's around a report from sports illustrated that claims he used a banned substance to recover more quickly from torn triceps. in the media day, and he answered questions about the accusations and adamantly denied he ever used der antler velvet extract. the extract itself is not bad but it contains a substance that is forbidden by the nfl. the controversy comes as the frenzy of reporters and photographers conferred on the superdome for media day. we had that pete gilbert or live from the superdome with more.
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>> to the circus that is media day is about all the players, but the star of the show today was re louis. >> there are plenty of a- twisters. the event i so badly wanted to cover, i finally do. ray delivered. >> media day delivered, as advertised, and mass of humanity. it brings out a little red everyone. >> i just want to cry, even
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though i have heard what, i can slide. do like that and get into a not even -- we will -- i do not think he should retire. it is a good time to be rayless right now. just what he means to the entire city.
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>> they have better accomplished one of that. >> predicting ravens victories and also interesting fans. every person has to be some kind of advantage. >> ray lewis, thank you very much and enjoy yourself. you can watch the raven's countdown show. it will be right here on tv 11.
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>> instead of a facelift. >> instead of a facelift.
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>> to the national boy scouts of america considers easing of no gays bad and it was forced to remove an anti-discrimination statement to keep this charter. the statement affirming its position against discrimination based on sexual orientation was pulled under pressure. it runs afoul of the member policy that excludes gays. the council that represents the washington region worked with the unit to reach an amicable resolution. the capital area council says that while there is debate, local units must adhere to a national policy. now is the time to fix broken
5:41 pm
immigration laws. during a meeting, the president said that much still needs to be addressed but he is pleased to see the white house and lawmakers working together on basic plans for putting millions of illegal immigrants on the pathway to citizenship and tightening border security. they also want to require people here passed background checks. backlogs are here before getting in line. >> a vote of 94-3, massachusetts senator john kerry is the next secretary of state. he will replace outgoing secretary hillary clinton. if he is 69 years old, a decorated vietnam war veteran and a 2004 democratic presidential nominee. this comes as really has
5:42 pm
announced he is on his way out. highway projects, and preventing distracted driving and promoting high-speed rail. dodge the longest serving delegate has passed away, >> what her fellow house members have to say about her legacy. >> there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the "keurig brewed" seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed -- look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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>> coming up at 6:00, sports
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illustrated released a report alleging that ray lewis discussed by the substance banned by the nfl. dr. baltimore county expected to pay big for social security. we will have these
5:45 pm
>> you still have plenty of time that changes to get ravens flew. kim has the details. >> ravens fans and the team south to new orleans. the week of winning continues in baltimore. >> online to the ravens account on whether and facebook to collect the codes. you have the chance every day.
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>> getting no sweat -- super bowl t-shirts and hats. it has given fans all kinds of raven's goodies and including last week a trip to the super bowl. >> we would not be here without the amazing fans. we are appreciative and we want to get back to the weekend. >> reaching a fever pitch, the big game inches closer. >> people know the city of baltimore is perfect, they come out and said that came to new orleans. it is an amazing five. people are definitely excited. dodge there could be surprises in store for the following.
5:47 pm
>> bringing the trophy here, entering into this, you can win a link on the web site. >> and mal, the forecast with chief meteorologist. >> enjoy the warm weather while it is here, changes are on the way. by thursday and friday, we talked about maybe some snow again. way above the normal high of 42, looking like the warm front is having a harder time. the warm front just blew right to the area. 75 degrees. 7 blow, 1963.
5:48 pm
we are not alone. 72 in atlanta right now. we're still dealing with wintery conditions. a batch of cold air is coming, enjoying a break from winter and change will be sweeping in. >> unusually warm. we will stay in the 40's tonight. it may form with a light southeast breeze at 5 miles an hour. the cold front arrives here tomorrow night and thursday morning. you collide these kind of air masses and you'll get some fireworks. there are tornado warnings and watches parts of missouri and eastern oklahoma. the good news for us is that it
5:49 pm
will come through tomorrow night and it limits the severe threat. the national weather service has a slight risk for storms out down to pittsburgh. tomorrow night, when the front is coming through, it could pick up some strong storms. cloudy skies, wendy during the day with strong southerly wind and a band of showers and storms tomorrow night, moving off the coast early thursday morning with snow returning to the mountains and cold returning to baltimore which means the next system cutting across the area might produce another round of light snow. dramatic changes from a high of 63 to 68. maybe some snow showers in the area by thursday night and friday. if you are headed to new orleans for the weekend, they will have good weather but it will be a little bit chillier. nighttime low and the 40's. you will be a jacket at night, but it should be beautiful during the day.
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big changes, showers and storms tomorrow night, falling temperatures thursday with snow showers in the area friday morning and the chance for more on saturday and sunday. >> in tonight's consumer alert, with the onset of new tax laws for 2013, the changes for social security. the administration has implemented a variety of new rules going into effect this year. the most notable is how retirees will receive their social security checks. join ford, they will not be printed as traditional checks. this will begin march 1. they can choose to have their payments directly deposited or loaded onto our prepaid debit mastercard. if you have a checking account, you are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. if you are planning to claim tax education credits, you have to wait until mid february to file
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your return because the debate over the fiscal cliff made processing for the irs. the majority begins tomorrow. due to new tax laws enacted by congress, the irs says it has the of baby processing systems which is used to claim the american opportunity tax credit and the lifetime learning tax credit. those are starting on wednesday. memory for gamers tonight as apple unveiled an upgrade to the ipad. 128gig of memory. nothing else has changed for the next one that went on sale for november. it does not apply to the ipad mini. it goes on sale next week for $800, $930 if you add the cellular data access package. americans will spend billions of
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dollars to get ready for the big game on sunday. we have pulled together some pretty good tips for saving more than just chips. according to an annual survey by the retailing and advertising association, americans will spend $12.30 billion, $68 per person. they're spending on snacks and beverages but according to an analysis, or when stable will take a bite out of your budget. >> the biggest hit your budget will come from chicken wings, about 15%-25% from last year's super bowl mostly because of demand and the drought. >> funny how that happens before every super bowl. beer prices have not picked up. they have only gone up slightly the last few years and more than seven and a half million families say they will be buying a big screen tv for the
5:53 pm
big game. january sales were low and stores are clearing their shelf for new models this year. dodge the woman often described as the godmother of the maryland house of delegates has passed away. flowers were placed on the desk of harrison this morning, representing the east side of baltimore city district 45 since 1973. the first african-american woman to chair a legislative committee in maryland. michael bush called her a tireless advocate for civil rights in workers' rights. she was 84 years old. beefing up security, that plan was announced today by county officials. what will be done and how much it will cost, and acts. [ regina ] i got it when we could download an hd movie
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>> raven's players are not the only ones winning over and over. so did the baltimore mayor. while she continues to wait for the mayor of denver to perform these choral dance, rod tells us of what she is doing with her winnings from boston's mayor. >> the folks here at the cottage avenue community are eating well. >> when the raven's beat the new england patriots, the team won a trip to the super borrow at
5:57 pm
baltimore's mayor won a bet. the mayor delivered some of the food she had won to needy families. >> nothing like a good win, especially when you that the mayor and he comes through on what he says he will send. >> last friday, they deliver live lobsters and other seafood to the center. for residents, this is a nice treat. >> the family should get their own food, but this helps them and have food store and extra for kids. >> you have to love the ravens. >> it is really nice. >> thank you. >> it is nice to win the bet and be part of this. >> all kinds of treats from boston's mayor.
5:58 pm
>> we have handcrafted and homemade pasta. >> what about the bed with the the mayor of denver? he still owes her a religious dance. >> i hope he is well enough to do it, i told his staff i don't have any sympathy for him as i had to do the walk of shame in that horrible video when we lost. he doubted that stuff you're not willing to pay, hopefully he will feel better soon. he was walking around pretty well during inauguration. >> payout, mayor of denver. here's a look at what is coming due at 6:00. >> at the superdome in new orleans where rayless faced questions today of whether or not he has used banned substances. his answers at 6:00. >> millions of dollars heading
5:59 pm
to baltimore county schools to help keep them safe. that story, straight ahead. >> our big story, a split verdict in the misconduct trial and john leopold. >> of the judge found him guilty on two counts but not guilty on to others. barry semmeses live with late breaking reaction to that verdict. >> at some of the actions of anarundel county executive of rich's and egregious. the judge also said they were predatory, cruel, and done with overbearing arrogance. he was found guilty of two charges of misconduct for using executivete


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